This took me a long time to understand. I belong to me. We all seek belonging. We want to feel seen, understood, worthy of your friendship, accepted as we are. And most of us do not feel these things. We fear rejection. We fear not being enough. But here’s the thing- there is only ONE person you MUST be true to; one person you must stand up for and fight for; one person to be true to; and that is YOURSELF! Never betray yourself and you will belong everywhere you go! 

Are you proud of yourself? Have the courage to stand alone. Stand up for yourself. We must be willing to grow. When you always do what’s right, you risk being liked by everyone. It’s my job to like me. If you like me, that’s extra!

Every time I say, hear, or read “shame”, I feel it. You can’t get rid of shame. But you can become more resilient with shame. Let it wash over you. It’s important to share your shame story to the right people. Be aware of the people who haven’t earned the right to hear your story. It is an honor to hold space for me while I’m in my shame.  I have been violated in this area. I’m sure most of us have. Hurt people hurt. And sad people make other people sad. Don’t take it personally. Learn your way to success. Be willing to be radical! Play outside of the box. I don’t even own a box! Your story is meant to be your fuel.