My Two Cents

Ed Kemmick from Last Best News in Billings Montana, Sabrina Currie, Carmen Price. Isn’t it interesting all of the things they are saying have been proven false yet they keep writing about me. Here’s the true scoop my friends… I left Tumbleweed due to medical reasons. I love that organization like it’s my child. The staff love so big, and the kids are so inspiring. It’s time for me to experience new challenges and pass the torch to a new leader. I wish I was fabricating the numbers of homeless youth that exist in our community. So why would I be accused of it, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Ed is good friends with Carmen and plays in a band with Carmen’s husband. Maybe Sabrina wanted my job. What I do know is I’m an imperfect person and they could’ve written about something truthful. I’m too emotional, I get defensive and I have many sleepless nights worried about the hurts in the world. I do wish them well. I hope Ed finds something interesting to write about. I hope Carmen gets back together with Paul and I hope Sabrina becomes an attorney and fights for the RIGHT reasons. Spread love not hate. Peace out.

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