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  • Trebro Machines at TPI show in Texas (2/25/2016) - Technology is amazing! Anything is possible.
  • Qualities of Good Leadership (1/21/2016) - I once read a quote by Simon Sinek that rang so true for me- “Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge”.  I have met some exceptional leaders who do this extremely well (Teena Ellison; Julie Rodda; Kalen Brown; Mark Dawson; Patti Webster; Scott Sanders; Jama […]
  • Happy New Year (1/12/2016) - Happy New Year! I have never been so enthusiastic for a year to begin! 2015 has been such a dark, painful year for so many people who are close to my heart.  This past year caused me to question my purpose on this earth.  And so many questions!- Why so much suffering? Why so much […]
  • My Two Cents (1/2/2016) - Ed Kemmick from Last Best News in Billings Montana, Sabrina Currie, Carmen Price. Isn’t it interesting all of the things they are saying have been proven false yet they keep writing about me. Here’s the true scoop my friends… I left Tumbleweed due to medical reasons. I love that organization like it’s my child. The […]
  • Welcome! (12/31/2015) - It’s 2016, another new year! Welcome to my personal blog dedicated to sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world.