Qualities of Good Leadership

I once read a quote by Simon Sinek that rang so true for me- “Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge”.  I have met some exceptional leaders who do this extremely well (Teena Ellison; Julie Rodda; Kalen Brown; Mark Dawson; Patti Webster; Scott Sanders; Jama Shelton; Bill Simmons; Judy Stewart; and Vern Streeter- to name a few).  I also found that loving and caring for your team comes with some intense pain.  When I invest so much into people- I truly have their best interest at heart.  And sometimes that means getting out of the way for another blessing…. Guidance isn’t always accepted, layoffs aren’t understood, write-ups getting internalized as betrayal.  It’s a really tough balancing act.  Many leaders have advised “you can’t love them- you are their boss”.  I wonder though, have we forgotten that we all only get this one shot at life? We all experience pain, feel alone at times, want to be seen and heard? The best leaders I have seen mentor, invest, and bring out the best in the people they supervise.  That include assisting them with becoming the very best people they can be.  Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.  I want to be part of that.

I am fascinated how an organization’s culture is the outgrowth of the personality of the leader.  If the organization’s mission is humanitarian in nature, then should the leader have a servant heart? I believe YES! I love creating an “ethical will” when I enter a new organization.  This is a statement of what is important and valuable about the work of the agency. Helps us clarify the vision and not get sidetracked by all the influx of options, problems, and competing philosophies on how to operate.  The very best leaders are optimistic, compassionate, emotionally intelligent, and take care of their people.  I am eternally grateful for the leaders who mentored me along the way and taught me how to love so big.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I have never been so enthusiastic for a year to begin! 2015 has been such a dark, painful year for so many people who are close to my heart.  This past year caused me to question my purpose on this earth.  And so many questions!- Why so much suffering? Why so much selfishness? What lies beneath all the heartache? For many, it’s easy to look at people and judge.  We need to look deeper- and find what’s beneath.

In the quest to regain balance in my own life, I took a look in the mirror.  I don’t wish to wait for others to save me from the worst part of me.  One thing I know about is fear.  Fear of judgment, failure, pain…. Fear is so paralyzing.  It has caused me to listen to the evil chatter in my ear and begin to question the goodness in the world.  Other people’s words and opinions do NOT define me.  I am who I say I am! I refuse thoughts that are not contributing to goodness.  So, here are my goals for a fabulous 2016:

  • Lighten up. I take life so seriously! I worry about everything.  ENOUGH! I am enough. What is will be what it’s suppose to be. So I’m going to have fun. I am accountable for only me.
  • Do good, feel good. I make my mark in this world because it makes me feel good.  I will do good, especially when no one is looking.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t notice. I know- and that’s good enough!
  • Remove chaos! Everyone in my household feels so much better when things are organized.  I hold on to things that have no purpose or meaning.  Time to unclutter my environment!
  • Be ME. I know who I am.  I am happy, spontaneous, passionate, kind, shy, giving, trusting, and good.  I will allow feedback to enter my thoughts, but I will not allow other people’s definition of their world define me.  I DO love too much! I DO see the good in all people! I AM forgiving! And that’s OK.
  • Care for my body. No, I’m not going on a “diet”.  I will be mindful of how I care for ME. Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, limiting alcohol intake, and regularly excercising- even if just a brisk 20 minute walk with my family or friends- I need to move my body, breathe in all the beauty around me, and be filled with gratitude that I can MOVE.

Your turn! I want to hear what goals you have for 2016.

Let’s love LOUDER my friends….. And start with YOU!

Cheers to a very joy filled 2016!

My Two Cents

Ed Kemmick from Last Best News in Billings Montana, Sabrina Currie, Carmen Price. Isn’t it interesting all of the things they are saying have been proven false yet they keep writing about me. Here’s the true scoop my friends… I left Tumbleweed due to medical reasons. I love that organization like it’s my child. The staff love so big, and the kids are so inspiring. It’s time for me to experience new challenges and pass the torch to a new leader. I wish I was fabricating the numbers of homeless youth that exist in our community. So why would I be accused of it, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Ed is good friends with Carmen and plays in a band with Carmen’s husband. Maybe Sabrina wanted my job. What I do know is I’m an imperfect person and they could’ve written about something truthful. I’m too emotional, I get defensive and I have many sleepless nights worried about the hurts in the world. I do wish them well. I hope Ed finds something interesting to write about. I hope Carmen gets back together with Paul and I hope Sabrina becomes an attorney and fights for the RIGHT reasons. Spread love not hate. Peace out.

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